LicenseTYC x Splintershare

Who / what is TYC?

The Yacht Club (TYC) is a group formed from the top French guilds in Splinterlands. We decided that as a team, we could bring more to the community, either in Splinterlands or any other crypto related project, targeting mainly P2E projects.

What is the LICENSETYC token?

We created the LICENSETYC token to help people that did not have the funds to buy a full LICENSE on their own. The token represents a share (5%) of an official Splinterlands LICENSE.
That way, you can still participate as much as you like, buy as many shares as you want and join as soon as you have enough for a LICENSETYC token.

What does it cost to use the service?

Each LICENSETYC token costs 127 BUSD + 25 VOUCHERS.
Once a full LICENSE has been reserved, TYC buys an official Splinterlands LICENSE, airdrops the LICENSETYC tokens to people that had bought tokens and you will start earning VOUCHERS + SPS right away (for SPS, when the splinterlands team starts distributing them)
TYC keeps a 5% managing fee. These fees will cover the renting of the servers that will be running the nodes, distributing the rewards VOUCHERS and SPS as well as maintaining the website, etc.

Can I buy or sell LICENSETYC tokens on the market?

Yes you can. What is nice is that the value of the LICENSETYC token is associated with the value of the official Splinterlands LICENSE.
You can buy/sell tokens on the market at or
Just take note that while your token is on the market, it is not in your wallet, therefore you won't receive any associated airdrops if you let your token on the market.

What if I manage to get 20 LICENSETYC tokens... can I trade them for an official splinterlands LICENSE?

Yes you can. We believe that this is a fair trade and that you earned your Splinterlands LICENSE if you trade it for 20 LICENSETYC as each token represents a share of the official LICENSE.

What about the node license software? Will I have to run the softwave to get the rewards?

TYC will take care of running the node software and you will receive all associated rewards.
That way you can forget about the hassle of installing and managing the software.

Will you be running a SPS License Node?

Yes we will.

Will it be possible to make my official LICENSE work on your node?

Yes it will be possible to run your LICENSE on our node. Just send your LICENSE to the TYC team and we will send back 20 LICENSETYC for it and you will start receiving all the associated rewards right away.

Where can I get more info if I have any question?

Best place would be on our discord at