LicenseTYC x Splintershare
0.006 / SPS
0.013 / VOUCHER
0.681 / 1K DEC
/ Full license
  • Each LICENSETYC represents 1/20 of a Splinterlands license, current price for LICENSETYC is : $ & VOUCHERS vs. $ for a complete license. left before the next tranche.
  • Following your purchase, you will automatically receive in your HIVE wallet the tokens you have purchased as soon as the complete license is sold (20 shares).
  • We will obviously run a node in order to continue to receive the rewards and continue the daily distribution.
    That's why we take a 5% management fee on the rewards.
  • You can exchange 20 LICENSETYC for a single Splinterlands LICENSE or the other way around.
Daily yield for one LICENSETYC* :


Yearly APR : %
*These values will change as splinterlands licenses are sold.
The reservations for the next license are starting, be the first!
We already manage 9 complete Splinterlands' licenses through this system; You can find the complete and transparent list of LicenseTYC's owners token in this page -> richlist.

Reserve your own licenseTYC

Step 1 - First step, your splinterlands username.

If you have more than one splinterlands account, the choice of your account is very important, because it's the one you'll have to send the vouchers to buy the licenseTYC, and it's also the one where we'll send the "licenseTYC" tokens

Step 2 - How many licenseTYC ?

One licenseTYC token represents 1/20 of a splinterlands license.


Step 3 - Send BUSD to TYC's wallet.

The BUSD (BEP20) tokens must be in your BNB Smart Chain wallet before initiating the transaction.

Step 4 - Send voucher to the TYC's wallet.

Vouchers must be in your game wallet, not in hive-engine.

Congratulations !

You will receive your "licenseTYC" tokens once we have purchased the license, and your rewards will be delivered automatically. TYC team